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Our miniature Horses

My dogs are my first love but in our "spare" time we enjoy showing and driving miniature horses.


Meet Our Boys:

Iona Wrangler Jeans. Wrangler stands 33 inches at the shoulder, has an impressive pedigree and a sweet personality for a stallion, we can do just about anything with him and he never complains.

  Mar Chers Rembrandt. Remmy is all boy with a personality to match, he's good lookin' and he knows it! When he comes out of the barn or steps into the ring he commands attention-he struts like a model on a runway! Remmy has been shown in the past by Bill Murphy and done very well, he has many grand and reserve championship wins to his name and was one point away from being in the hall of fame.

The girls out in the pasture...

Lace, Megan, Princess and Tucker (tuckers a boy tho!<sorta>)

Most of our girls all range in size from 29 to 33.5 inches with the exception of Venus and Darby and they are what is known as a B size mini, Venus is 36 inches and Darby is 38.5 inches.


Have you hugged your human today?

Horsey kisses

New baby!


We have a new addition! O'Kaylyn Farms Billy the Kid was born on Sunday March 29, 2009 to proud parents Princess and Rembrandt. He is already spoiled rotten!!

Billy is growing! Here he is at 4 mo old

Going for a ride on Princess!

Jim and Jake 2014

Kayla & Storm 2014

Amy & Truffle 2014

Kayla does most of our showing, while mom is the groom, driver and get her to the ring on time person! It was over 90 degrees on this day so when you have a little horse you can take her into the air conditioning to groom her in comfort!

Kayla and Tucker, her gelding, (K has had Tucker since she was 4 yrs old!) they specialize in Obstacle course or trail, which is very much like agility for horses, they do very well in it!!

K and Savannah, our home bred baby at a show in Medina, Ohio. Aren't they pretty?

Kayla & tucker July 2010

Kayla & lace 2010

Kayla loves her minis! Giving Lace a kiss


Rescuing our babies Oct. 18, 2008


When we knew we would be making a move to a new home eventually we decided to sell some of our minis to make the move easier, (at that time I had 15!) I sold four of them on a payment plan to someone I had considered a friend. They went 2 hrs away from us in western Ohio and I thought they were being well cared for, I was wrong.


When the new owner stopped making payments I finally pursuaded her to allow me to take the horses back, we really had no room in our barn to bring them home but something in my gut said 'go get them', when I got there I was not prepared for what we found. 


Of the four miniatures; Venus, Savannah, Smokey and Brianna, three were in very bad shape, ribs and hip bones protruding, dull coats, hooves grossly overgrown, Venus, because she was a larger horse to begin with was in the best condition but still very underweight, as we loaded them into the trailer they hung their heads and were so weak that we had to help them get into the trailer and I wasn't sure that they would survive the now 5 hr trip to our new home. Words cannot describe how I felt that day, I had trusted someone to care for them as they had always been cared for and this was not the case, I was in tears. They had not received any shots, worming (horses need to be wormed every 8 weeks) or farrier care for well over a year and I have no idea what they were eating-apparently not very much.


It's been 3 months since we brought them here, they have been wormed several times, hooves trimmed and are being fed a special diet to bring them back to what they once were. Some are skiddish at being touched now and we spend extra time with each and every one trying to bring them back to the horses we once had and to show them that they are very much loved once again.


It is a hard thing to deal with when you know you have let one of your own down, it won't happen again.


Savannah 3 months before she left us:

Savannah shortly after we rescued her from the neglectful home, approx. 1 yr after leaving us

her spine sticks up above her back over an inch, she is furry due to getting her winter coat but if it weren't for the extra fur you could clearly see her ribs and hip bones. She was so weak that she had fallen several times just trying to walk 20 ft for this picture.


Hooves were overgrown on all the minis:

8/13/09 Everyone is doing great, they have survived a terrible ordeal and it seems they are happy, healthy horses once again! This was an eye opening experience for me, something that I will never forget, things were touch and go for several months and there were days that I worried we would lose them but they have bounced back! Venus is still flinching at your touch but doing much better, Smokey will never recover from his foot issues but he is happy and healthy just the same, Brianna is a little stand-offish with men now but otherwise is getting to be quite the chubbo! Savannah who could barely stand almost a year ago runs like the wind now, I never get tired of watching them run and play in the pasture and I am happy to have them home safe and sound. 



Smokey update

This is Smokey when we brought him home, he also had protruding bones and a bloated stomach from malnutrition and parasites, his hooves were so badly over grown they had curled into a tube shape and he was walking on the insides of them. He didn't want us to touch him and when we did he flinched or kicked at us. Smokey was always a spirited little guy, but always very friendly, Smokey only stands 29 inches at the withers (top of the shoulder) Notice the length of his tail compared to our other minis? The lady who had them cut off all their tails and sold the hair on ebay which makes it a little tuff to keep the flies off when your a horse!


Here is Smokey in April 2009, he will never recover from the damage done to his front feet and legs but he doesn't let it slow him down! He is back to his friendly self now and I think he realizes he is safe and loved once again.

Smokey fall 2010

The girls have come along way too

Savannah 10 months later-HUGE difference!

Brianna ten months later-who is now a chubbo!

Venus a "B" size mini, 10 months later, Venus still has some issues with touching her and working on her feet and she really only lets me handle her, I can only imagine what she and the others went thru to turn these once friendly, happy horses into frightened, flinching animals.


I made a promise the day I brought these horses back home, they will have a safe home here for the rest of their lives, never to leave again

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