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One of my most frequently asked questions: "Are standard poodles good with kids and other pets?" Well a picture is worth a thousand words......

OK My turn!

Hey I can clean that face off for you!

Tout Doux participates in a program at the library where children read to him


and thinking of adding a Standard pup to your existing furry family? 

Lucy & Scamper as babies..

and all grown up

still best friends! 2010

Sophie & Marty

Rommel & Shadow

Lilly & Miles

spring 08

winter 08

Bear & Jacque - what a difference a year makes! Still best buddies!

Shadow, Bree & Rommel

Princess (Jack Russell Terrier) and Treasure taking a nap

Lacey and Daisey (beagle) snuggle up

Tank (boxer) and Tula (Sierra x Chase '08) enjoy a day at the lake near their home in Florida 

Sookie (3 mo) and "lil" sisters

Sookie 7 mo. with her "sisters" Boo & Bailey

London & little pal Tuffy

Pals come in all shapes and sizes!

Lucy & Brody on a play date in New York

Can a new best friend heal a broken heart?

most definately!

Jacque (on left-of Sierra & Chase '08) came to live with Bear after he lost his best furry friend

McCabe (right 2011) with new "big" sister Circe (senior toy) 

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