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The best way to reach me is e mail, I answer all e mails promptly and I am always willing to answer your questions so please feel free to ask, please put puppy in the subject line so I do not delete you by accident!


[email protected]


Puppies are sold on a strict spay/neuter agreement as a family pet with a 2 yr genetic health guarantee and a lifetime of support. Please e mail me for more information, deposits are not taken until puppies arrive.


Ask me for a puppy application!

 We always welcome visitor's at O'Kaylyn Farms however please be aware that no visitor's are received when we have new babies in the house. Visitor's heighten the risk of bringing germs and disease into our home putting our newborns at risk--this is a risk we refuse to take, please understand our babies health is our number one priority, thank you.


Allison Park, PA



Do you dock your tails and remove dewclaws? Yes of course we do! We dock our tails slightly longer and remove any dewclaws at day 2 to minimize discomfort to the puppy, our method is very quick and puppy is back happy and nursing with their mom immediately.


If I prepay for my puppy can I have it's tail left long and dewclaws left on? At O'Kaylyn Farms we follow AKC guidelines for the Standard Poodle which is a docked tail, dews are removed for safety purpose, dewclaws left on can be caught in tall grasses and ripped off, dewclaws also grow faster and can quickly grow into the skin which is painful. All puppies will be docked and dews removed.


I read online that my dog should have a heat before she is spayed or a male should be over a year to be neutered can I have a different spay/neuter agreement than the one you have? No sorry you may not, many people have many ideas on how things should be done and each has their own reason for doing so, ten years as a vet tech taught me that females who experience a heat session before being spayed have a much higher risk of developing breast tumors later in life, are you willing to take that risk? I am not. Male dogs not neutered at an early age will develop undesirable habits that are very difficult to break, which makes them an unwanted family member-I place puppies in forever homes. Spay-neuter contract states by 9 mo.


Do you ever sell on full registration? Very rarely, and only on co-ownership.


Can I give you a deposit before the puppies arrive to insure I am at the top of the list and get a puppy? No, puppies are placed from the waiting list and offered to those who have been waiting the longest first, no deposits are ever taken until puppies arrive, I have always done it this way and I feel it is fair.


Can I pick my puppy up before it is 8 weeks old? No. Puppies need their mother and littermates until at least 8 weeks old to develop properly. Many things happen to your puppy in the last week before he goes home such as vaccines, final worming, micro-chipping etc. Also PA state puppy law does not allow any puppy to leave until it is 8 weeks old. We generally send our puppies home at 9 weeks old.


We are going on vacation when the puppies are ready to go can we pick up our puppy at a later date? This is a tuff question, while I understand vacations are fun and timing can sometimes not be changed I also understand that this puppy at 9 weeks needs to bond to it's new family asap, or he will bond even further with me. New puppy parents need to ask themselves what is more important bringing a new puppy home or taking a vacation? I do keep puppies for a boarding fee if there is no other option but this is decided on a case by case basis and against my advice.


Why are your puppies priced so reasonable compared to other breeders with the same testing and guarantees? I'm never really sure how to answer that! I'm not here to make money I am here to make families happy and place dogs in loving homes, yes they are priced very reasonable so that the average family can enjoy this wonderful breed. We do not "live" off of our puppy funds they go directly into the dogs account for their expenses such as puppy care, testing, vet bills, food, treats etc.

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