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Treasure, as a baby by Sierra and Trevor ('06)

Lacey and Chauntae

baby Treasure taking a nap

Lucy going for a ride!

Lucy letting the girls play dress-up

Lucy now makes her home in New York     

Lucy and Treasure summer '06

Treasure out playing in the mud


Woohoo! Mom said this new haircut would make me run faster and she was right!

Playing in the yard

Chauntae watching the game

Violet-from Sierra & Chase '08

Posey from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania

 Henry (sierra/chase '08) proving that just because you are a poodle doesn't mean you have to have a poodle cut-the beauty of owning a poodle is that you can "do the do" any way you like as long as you keep them brushed!

Tiva (sierra/trevor '06) now makes his home in Pennsylvania also

Charley & Sophie

are half brother & sister from Louisville, KY

mom says "they will do anything for a treat" including wear antlers I guess!

Can't you just see them saying "awhhh mom, hurry up already"!!

Only Standard Poodles can make a snowy day a fun day!

Sisters Ally and Delilah (chauntae & tyler '07) enjoy the white stuff...............

Ally and Delilah share a dance!

Ally's family adopted Delilah when she needed a new home, I'd say it was a perfect match!

Tout Doux (To Do)

Tout Doux, Harbor Springs, Michigan. Chauntae & Trevor '06

Sierra out playing in the rain!

Chase and Treasure share a toy

Jac (2009 litter) at 9 mo old playing peek-a-boo


Silly Spencer ('10 litter)

baby Spencer on vacation Summer 2010 with Sr toy poodle Pebbles

Standard Poodles-always willing to lend a hand (or paw)

Spencer says "C'mon dad don't take it away yet!"

Throw it dad throw it!

Lexie hanging with the ghouls!

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