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we're here!

Treasure's babies

Sierra's babies

The pop cans are for size comparison! Treasure's babies 14 days

Sierra's Babies

catching up

Carlos is from Treasure's litter and Griffin is from Sierra's-the little guys are catching up!

Introducing "O'Kaylyn Farms I'm Chasin' After The Rain" aka "Raina"

My first 'keeper' in almost 5 yrs!!

5 wks old

5 wks old

Heading Home 8 wks old


Puppy parents choose how they would like their puppy to look when they pick him/her up


so that is why some have fuzzy faces and some have shaved faces!

Congratulations Joe & Karen! Dallas, PA

Congratulations Vicky! Hilliard, Ohio

Congratulations Janet! Mason, Ohio

Congratulations Pam & Mike, Weedville, Pa

Congratulations Alice and Dave, Middle Bass Island, Ohio

Congratulations Sharon, Doug & Abby! Lower Burrell, Pa.

Congratulations Michael (and Circe)! Cleveland Hts, Ohio

Congratulations Priscilla! Pittsburgh, PA


What a busy year 2011 was with two litters at once, they kept me busy but I wouldn't trade it for the world! As we say goodbye to Sierra's breeding years as she slips into her lazy retirement we look back on the many beautiful babies she has given us and look forward to watching Raina grow up to fill her mom's paws one day!


Treasure did a fantastic job as a first time mom and I cannot wait to see what these little guys (and girl) will grow into, I know Trevor is smiling down on his grandpuppies!

Congratulations Doug, Sharon & Abby (and brother Maurice!) for adding baby sister Sophia to your family!

Sophia at 4 months

Sophie is a Trevor grandaughter and it shows as she is developing very nicely

looking ahead....


We only have 1-2 litters per year and they usually arrive in the spring, our next planned litters should arrive in spring 2012, I take a waiting list for puppies and if you are interested in adding an O'Kaylyn Farms furrbaby to your family send me an e mail telling me about your family and what you are looking for in your next baby.


Treasure did such a great job as a mom we will be doing a repeat breeding to Chase that will again give us more beautiful cream puppies. Destiny will also be bred to my resident stud Chase, their conformation will compliment each other very nicely and both are over the top in loving personalities and should produce a wide range of color! 

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