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Feb 5, 2006 Litter

The first baby arrived at 2:30 a.m. Sunday Feb 5. We had creams and blacks as expected, mom and babies doing just fine. Sire is Trevor and Dam is Chauntae, all puppies have been sold and are in their new homes.

Tout Doux (To Do) having fun in his new home!

Sierra's puppies

Sierra's puppies were born June 5, 2006, this was Trevor's last gift to us before we lost our precious boy, this litter is very special and will always hold an extra special place in my heart.

Meet Lily and Rusty. They are Sierra's puppies from 2005.

I may look ridiculous, but I'm warm! Wisconsin winters are "ruff"!

Rusty now lives in Michigan.

Meet Lucy! She now makes her home in Warsaw, New York!

amazing the difference a day in the salon will do isn't it??

"Rommel" (Katalace C's Whrlwind Desertfox) is from Sierra and Trevor's 2006 litter, Rommel's new home is in Andover, Ohio

"... what we have enjoyed, we can never lose ... all that we love deeply becomes a part of us." (Helen Keller)

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